wyatt (1 year!)

this little man showed us how fun it is to be 1 year. eating grass (salad, his dad calls it). walking running falling nonstop movement. making tractor sounds. holding his own bottle. and tolerating a 1 hour photo session like a champ!

wyatt, you are quite the charmer. you have completely changed your parents life this year, as your mom says, for the better!

20130613-IMG_2143 20130613-IMG_2151-2 20130613-IMG_2167-2 20130613-IMG_2179 20130613-IMG_2218-2 20130613-IMG_2316 20130613-IMG_2336 20130613-IMG_2348 20130613-IMG_2423 20130613-IMG_2446 20130613-IMG_2547-2 20130613-IMG_2553 20130613-IMG_2630 20130613-IMG_2644 20130613-IMG_2647

20130613-IMG_2656 20130613-IMG_2686 20130613-IMG_2703-2 20130613-IMG_2712 20130613-IMG_2719-2 20130613-IMG_2727 20130613-IMG_2730 20130613-IMG_2747 20130613-IMG_2760-2 20130613-IMG_2779 20130613-IMG_2757

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