boo & brant (married!)

boo & brant have such a beautiful love for each other, a love that was so visibly evident on their wedding day. i loved watching the way they care for one another, look to and at each other.

although their day began with boo sick (and in the ER at 4am!) and ended with brant not feeling well, they gave the day their all. at one point, i told boo if she wanted to rest or take a break to let me know, she smiled and responded with “nope, you only do this day once, let’s keep going”. that determination, amazing attitude, and the way they care for those around them showed me even more how wonderful they are.

the wedding really included the community that raised and shaped boo & brant. old teachers, teammates, family and friends from afar surrounded them. the places we stopped to take photos had meaning. family and friends helped with the gorgeous details boo envisioned (lace wrapped jars, babies breath crowns, flower girls tutu’s, bouquets, baskets, favor, deserts).

boo & brant, thank you for having me document your day!

20130615-IMG_9935Untitled-420130615-IMG_2972sgr220130615-IMG_3057 20130615-IMG_3139 20130615-IMG_3130 20130615-IMG_3081sgr20130615-IMG_3194


20130615-IMG_3243 20130615-IMG_324420130615-IMG_328520130615-IMG_3461 20130615-IMG_3353when i saw boo’s father (a former teacher of mine), he gave me a hug and i asked him how he was doing. he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said “it’s boo. my boo”. when they saw each other before walking down the aisle, they both said at the same time “i can’t look at you”. one of my favorite parts of the wedding day is watching the love between a father and daughter.


photo by nate sieg

photo by nate sieg

20130615-IMG_3647sce20130615-IMG_3701-220130615-IMG_374020130615-IMG_3745sbb20130615-IMG_3845 20130615-IMG_3868 20130615-IMG_3864 20130615-IMG_3863sfw20130615-IMG_392420130615-IMG_380520130615-IMG_378420130615-IMG_413420130615-IMG_4055 20130615-IMG_3329swk20130615-IMG_421620130615-IMG_4342 20130615-IMG_4422 20130615-IMG_4417 20130615-IMG_4407 20130615-IMG_4373 20130615-IMG_4348

sdan 20130615-IMG_4680sdt20130615-IMG_044720130615-IMG_0461sca

photo on right by nate sieg

photo on right by nate siegssw ssw2


photo by nate sieg

photo by nate sieg

spsda20130615-IMG_4856 20130615-IMG_4864sda2

the evening light was unbelievable (so thankful for the rain that made it possible!). before leaving, i asked boo & brant if i could do just a few more photos. this is how boo & brant are together, natural, no posing.

20130615-IMG_498820130615-IMG_499120130615-IMG_4994congratulations, schmidts, so excited for this new adventure you’re on!






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