megan & tyler (engaged)

megan & tyler are getting married next month, and i am so excited for their country styled barn wedding at on twin lakes. i love how playful these two are together, and the way they make each other laugh. see you next month, megan & tyler!

20130627-IMG_6863 20130627-IMG_6874 20130627-IMG_6937 20130627-IMG_6943 20130627-IMG_6954 20130627-IMG_6962 20130627-IMG_6974 20130627-IMG_6980 20130627-IMG_6988 20130627-IMG_6993 20130627-IMG_7079 20130627-IMG_7086 20130627-IMG_7102 20130627-IMG_7108 20130627-IMG_7111 20130627-IMG_7165 20130627-IMG_7170 20130627-IMG_7205 20130627-IMG_7214 20130627-IMG_7274 20130627-IMG_7285 20130627-IMG_7289 20130627-IMG_7294 20130627-IMG_7349 20130627-IMG_7366 20130627-IMG_7382

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