dear thatcher (weeks 21-23)


you’ve had so many new experiences the past few weeks, thatcher, i can hardly keep up. you’ve met so many new people (charming the socks off of them, naturally) and have gone on many adventures (camping! photoshoots! weddings!).

i love going out of our little home with you and watching you watch people, experience new things, and be your social little self. you have such a vibrant personality, and are full of smiles and laughs for everyone you meet. people just light up as you light up. it’s an amazing thing to watch, thatcher.

but my favorite times are the quiet ones with you. when i get you all to myself. or watch you interact with your dad. when i sing to you or make funny faces, and you try to move your mouth and eyes the same way. when i kiss you a million times on your head and you slowly close your eyes and softly smile. when you look at me while i’m getting ready for work with so much love.

and i give that look right back to you.

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