dear thatcher (week 24)


your great-grandma sieg passed away this week. although you only met her twice, you are part of her legacy. she’s a part of your family tree.

this is also the week your grandpa kevin passed away 2 years ago. there are so many times i wish you could meet him. i wish he could be present for your milestones, for your cuddles, to explore with you and teach you new things. he would have adored you. many times you do something funny and i pick up the phone to call your grandma, and just wish i could talk to your grandpa too.

but that’s life, thatcher. we never know when it’s going to end. it could be a two year battle, or it could be gone in an instant. so we have to live. choose joy. not sweat the small things. have hope in Jesus. make an impact on this world. love the ones we’re surrounded by. and celebrate.

we’re celebrating your great grandma, and also your grandpa this week. celebrating the life they lived, the impact they made. they legacy they’ve left.

get ready…you’ll hear lots of stories about both of them when you’re older. 🙂


speaking of life…you are full of it!

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