kristin & tj (married!)

Kristin & TJ were married at Kristin’s old grandparents farm (where her mother & stepfather now reside). While we walked around the town, she told me how it was a meaningful place to her as a child, a place that was constant.  It was fitting that this was the place where she was joined in marriage with TJ, the person who is now her constant.

I could do a whole blog about the gorgeous flowers, the beautiful setup, and the delicious cake balls…but the things that stuck out the most to me during this day were the beautifully written vows, the personal ceremony in which TJ’s dad officiated, the emotion Kristin and TJ had, the love and support the guests showed, and the way Kristin’s son, Milo, enveloped TJ in a hug and called him “Dad”. It was a perfect evening for this small & intimate backyard wedding,



20130803-IMG_053420130803-IMG_051620130803-IMG_0544kj4 kj520130803-IMG_0588 20130803-IMG_0595 20130803-IMG_0591 20130803-IMG_0637kj28 kj2020130803-IMG_062720130803-IMG_064220130803-IMG_064420130803-IMG_0662kj26kj1220130803-IMG_0700kj13kj9kj620130803-IMG_991620130803-IMG_0722 20130803-IMG_073720130803-IMG_0799kj1520130803-IMG_0814kj1620130803-IMG_086420130803-IMG_0899kj1420130803-IMG_0924kj2120130803-IMG_110220130803-IMG_1022kj22kj2320130803-IMG_114820130803-IMG_1205-220130803-IMG_1217 20130803-IMG_122420130803-IMG_1246kj11Blessings on your move to Nashville, Kristin, TJ & Milo!

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