i remember when our good friends, allie & ben told us they were expecting their baby. nathan and i were thrilled for them to experience pregnancy and parenthood. having close friends to talk about this new stage and celebrate together has been fantastic. and now their little bundle, theo, has arrived!

we got to meet theo the day after he was born, and he is just perfect. we cannot wait to watch him grow!

20130718-IMG_9798 20130718-IMG_9805 20130718-IMG_9819 20130718-IMG_9827 20130718-IMG_9836 20130718-IMG_9839 20130718-IMG_9849 20130718-IMG_9856 20130718-IMG_9863 20130718-IMG_9887 20130718-IMG_9890 20130718-IMG_9892 20130718-IMG_9897thatcher was super excited to meet his new friend, theo, too!



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