dear thatcher (week 28)


let’s talk about food, baby.

you love food. oh man, do you love it. you want whatever we’re having. so, for the most part, we honor your requests, and just mush up what we’re having. your favorite right now? chicken with carrots and a side of summer squash. you love summer squash. you also love wrestling with cucumbers on the kitchen floor while mom does dishes. dessert of applesauce with blueberries? don’t mind if you do. our little foodie.

you felt like a king the first time we put you in your high chair. so proud.

i don’t think you’ll be ordering off the kids menu very much…since you’re so set on what mom and dad are eating 🙂

20130818-IMG_2134-2 20130818-IMG_2136 20130818-IMG_2133-2 20130818-IMG_2115 20130818-IMG_2129-2

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