dear thatcher (week 29)


as if crawling and scooting weren’t enough quick changes….you’re now pulling yourself up to stand. you did this a few times last week, and i almost had myself convinced it was just a fluke. but no, you can’t get enough of it.

i see that look in your eyes, surveying the rooms. “can i use that to pull myself up to a standing position?” or “can i put that in my mouth?” are usually what i envision you thinking. everything is useful. everything is new. everything is exciting.

and everything is terrifying to your mother.

in “life lessons with thatcher”, you’re teaching me to chill out a bit. you’re okay if you bonk your head. you’re okay if you fall down. i can’t protect you from everything (although i think a bubble wrap suit would look pretty cute on you). your teaching me how tough you are.

you’re also teaching me how determined you are. and i’m attempting to teach you the word “no”.

like the last 6.75 months….we’re teaching each other.

20130826-IMG_4190 20130826-IMG_4206

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