megan & tyler (married!)

megan & tyler were married at the beautiful on twin lakes in birchwood, wi. i had been looking forward to their wedding since april, when they mentioned they were having a barn reception on a working farm, diy details (megan made the flower girl dresses & tyler made the buttoneers!), lots of burlap and lace, and catering by famous daves. they had a beautiful day full of family and friends that showed their love and support.

20130824-IMG_2766mt520130824-IMG_2861mt1220130824-IMG_2914mt1020130824-IMG_3009mt17mt1820130824-IMG_298020130824-IMG_309820130824-IMG_305320130824-IMG_312020130824-IMG_310320130824-IMG_3802mt13mt19mt1120130824-IMG_3170 20130824-IMG_319320130824-IMG_3223mt620130824-IMG_229220130824-IMG_2322mt420130824-IMG_237620130824-IMG_240720130824-IMG_244420130824-IMG_2451mt220130824-IMG_3319 20130824-IMG_333820130824-IMG_332720130824-IMG_2750mt21mt3mt2320130824-IMG_2526 20130824-IMG_253720130824-IMG_339920130824-IMG_350320130824-IMG_353120130824-IMG_344120130824-IMG_3694 20130824-IMG_3703 20130824-IMG_3696mt120130824-IMG_266420130824-IMG_372620130824-IMG_2743 20130824-IMG_3042mt1420130824-IMG_388220130824-IMG_2875-2 20130824-IMG_2792-2mt7 mt8mt2220130824-IMG_2843-2 20130824-IMG_2860-2mt920130824-IMG_390120130824-IMG_320920130824-IMG_3120-2 mt1520130824-IMG_2744mt20mt16blessings for your future, megan & tyler! (and if you have more questions about cloth diapering…just let us know 😉 )

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