dear thatcher (week 30)

20130901-IMG_4385labor day came and went so quickly, and suddenly summer is over, thatcher. although i’m by no means wishing time away, i’m truthfully excited to see the beginning of fall. i hate constantly saying i’m busy, but that’s what this summer has been for us. busy. it seemed like every moment was filled and i didn’t have that easy, relaxing feeling that summer is supposed to bring. i’m hoping we’ll be able to relax this fall.

in big news….you have two more teeth. and you’re standing on your own a little (like in this picture…you were standing all by yourself). all in a weeks work for you. you’re 7 months going on 17 years…

i’ve loved every stage, but i think this is my favorite. i love seeing the world through your eyes. watching things just click for you has been so much fun. you’re really starting to understand the silly games we play, the things we do. you tease me when i tease you, i love our little back and forth games.

you fill me with so much joy. i’m looking forward to cuddling with you in the crisp fall air!

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