augustine family

i was so excited when i found out my good friend elisha was expecting her second child, because 1. babies are amazing and 2. the last time she was pregnant i was living in california, so i missed seeing her adorable bump! a little over a week after we took her maternity photos, she had gage charles. he’s perfect, elisha, just like the rest of your boys!

20130815-IMG_2003 20130815-IMG_2008elisha1 elisha2 20130815-IMG_2052 20130815-IMG_208320130904-IMG_493720130904-IMG_4966elisha320130904-IMG_503620130904-IMG_509820130904-IMG_5156elisha420130904-IMG_514820130904-IMG_527120130904-IMG_5046 20130904-IMG_507320130904-IMG_5287 20130904-IMG_526220130904-IMG_5219elisha520130904-IMG_5214congratulations, augustine family! let’s do dinner soon!

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