dear thatcher (weeks 31-33)

20130921-IMG_7955 20130921-IMG_7970 20130921-IMG_7977

you’ve found more of your voice the past few weeks, and have had the time of your life asserting it (with attitude, most of the time!). we now live in a musical home, everything is a new note. you purse your lips together and blow (which makes me think you’ll master a brass instrument in no time). clucking. smacking. you have so many new sounds. what an amazing body part the mouth is! 

so much of your communication with us, dear thatcher, is through your eyes. they sparkle and shine when you tease us, and when we play with you. when your food is gone, they look disappointed and upset. when you want up (most commonly when mom is doing the dishes or laundry) and you get a big embrace, the love your eyes show melts me. those big blue eyes, like your father, scan everywhere, looking for adventure. we can’t pull anything past you, our great observer. 


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