dear thatcher (week 35)

20131005-IMG_8530 20131005-IMG_8537

your tia tati (aunt tati) came to visit, and it was so wonderful to see her!

your mom, grandma & grandpa first met tia tati 23 years ago, when she came to stay with our family as a foreign exchange student from brazil. and, well, we’re like family. i consider her a sister of mine, so therefore, she’s one of your aunts. the last time i saw her was in brazil 3 years ago, and goodness, life has changed since then! it was wonderful to introduce her to your dad and you, and show her how our life is here now.

oh thatcher, the stories you’ll remember your grandma and i telling you about tia tati. the story of when we first picked her up at the airport. she was 16, and your grandpa kevin spoke loud and slow to her….little did he know she spoke better english than him! or the time we went to visit her in brazil when i was 16, and our first experience with a churrascaria. so many wonderful memories, and we hope to have you grow up knowing this auntie from brazil well.

you’re loved. from all over the world, thatcher.

you’re also loved by dogs. and dog lovers. because you love them. and all of us love seeing your response to dogs!


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