dear santa list (’13)

now that the stores are full of christmas items (and the farm & fleet christmas land is open!), and we’ve been asked what’s on our list…it’s time again for our dear santa list, a list of the things we think are pretty cool. i love making a visual list of the presents we’re getting for others….but that would ruin the surprise!

Blog Style Posts dear santa13sheena

1. norwex mop 2. these books (sprouted kitchen, home made, young house love; design sponge) 3. toiletry bag 4. boot rack 5. minnetonka boots 6. rifle paper co calendar 7. rifle paper co recipe box 8. kelly moore riva camera bag 9. chunky infinity scarf in taupe 10. hobby lobby shelf

nathan2013list1. sleep number bed 2. wallet 3. pasta press & pasta roller/cutter 4. french fry cutter 5. all clad fry pan 6. red leather gloves 7. cast iron camp pot 8. speaker 9. leaf blower 10. saw mill 11. cologne 12. maglite 13. rain barrel 14. vintage scooter (can you tell nathan had fun with his list?!)

Blog Style Posts dear santa13thatcher

1. xyz blocks 2. these books (christmas carol, going on a bear hunt, mustache baby) 3. wooden tool box 4. plan toy wooden trike 5. minnetonka boots (yes, i’d like us to match…) 6. wooden loader 7. make my day bib 8. 5-pocket jeans 9. ugift college fund (never too early to start saving!)

what’s on your list this year?

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