dear thatcher (weeks 40-42)

20131128-IMG_0003 20131128-IMG_0012i was going to write you this letter to say how hard it is to watch you be sick, how hard it was for us to be sick together. i changed my mind, because you, thatcher, are so strong. so joyful. even when you’re not feeling the best. i’m learning from you to not let it bring me down.

you are such a trooper. even though being sick for the last couple of weeks has set you back, you’ve been doing the following:

-taking 10-15 steps in a row
-asserting your independence…you want to do everything yourself!
-saying “dadadada”
-feeding grandma’s dog livi your food
-offering your toys/food and sharing
-turning the pages in your books
-becoming a pro at wiping your snot on mom
-giving hugs when we ask for them

it’s been so amazing watching you grow, thatcher!

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