dear thatcher (weeks 43-48)

20131212-IMG_0099 20131212-IMG_0102 20131212-IMG_0126-2

i haven’t been ignoring you by not writing. quite the opposite, in fact. i’ve spent the last few weeks more “unplugged”. and we’ve so enjoyed it.

a few weeks ago, your dad and i got into a pretty bad accident. we totaled “elroy” the envoy after hitting ice, hitting a mile marker sign, and rolling. we did quite a number on that vehicle! thankfully you were not with us, and everything worked out as best it could (thank you God). when i returned home to you, it hit me that i could have had no more moments with you. so, i’ve been present with you, instead of distracted.

the Christmas season was so much fun with you, little man. watching your excitement, your curiosity, has just been incredible. you have so much joy. you love to play, and we love to join you.

we’ll play and explore forever, thatcher.

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