dear thatcher (week 50)


you, little man, are doing so many new things it’s hard to keep track. as soon as i become amazed at a new development, you blow us away by figuring out something new. but i’m learning and adapting right along with you.

learning that you like yellow blocks and toys, but your red bath numbers and letters (specifically the t and 7). you prefer your bear and puppy over your deer and raccoon. power cords? the bathroom? still like to get into them. and shake your head “no” to me. you’re a master at clapping your hands and waiting for us to start patty-cake, and you think peek-a-boo is pretty darn funny. as for “so big”, you still look at me like i’m nuts (i’m thinking it’s a look you’ll always have for me…). you’ve learned to stand up in the middle of the room, click with your tongue, and have learned our schedule by waiting for us at the baby gate at approximately 4:35. you love to grunt and tell us all about your day, talking continually for 10-15 minutes. you have lots to say about the things you and gam gam did. we laugh (sometimes forcing inward laughs) so hard at the things you do.

you’ve brightened our lives, little sunshine.

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