dear thatcher (week 51)


i’m soaking up these last few days of you being <1. not that your birthday will come and you’ll suddenly be a big kid. but i have to admit, little man, i’m feeling a little anxious. i want you to have wings and fly and explore…but my heart catches a little bit at the thought.

but you….you know how to handle your mama.

this week you went to our friends home while i worked (and gam gam was playing with kiddos in mexico). the first time you’ve had someone who is not family watch you. i wasn’t worried, as i trust and love these friends very much (thanks, theiligs!). but i saw a new side of you. an independent side. the second morning, you walked in like you owned the place (so much of your father in you…). i got a little sad, thinking “well, that’s it, huh?”. but you ran back to me and gave me a hug. and then an obligatory kiss. that evening, we were able to watch you play by yourself, with others, and come back to us ever so often to show us something new, to give us a hug, or just to let us know you were still there. you weren’t clingy, and yet you didn’t ignore us. you made us so proud, thatcher.

our prayer is that you’ll be well adjusted. that i’ll be able to let you go when you need to. but also that you’ll give me a hug and kiss to let me know how much you really love me πŸ™‚


i was all set up to take a beautiful photo...and livi pushed you down ;)

i was all set up to take a beautiful photo…and livi pushed you down πŸ˜‰


how we snowshoed!

how we snowshoed!


4 responses to “dear thatcher (week 51)

  1. you have one of the most beautiful little boys I have ever seen sheena. you and nate are wonderful parents to him. and p.s. the photo where your pup knocked him over was just adorable

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