dear thatcher (13 months)

you have completely blossomed this past month, little man. your personality is really shining through. you tease. you think the little games we play, the hide & seek we do, and the little songs we sing are hilarious. this morning, as i was singing you “good morning Lord”, you were moving your mouth to mimic me and laughed. oh boy, we laugh so much. every day.

we’re so proud to introduce you to people, and let people see who you really are. we’re baffled at how we got such an outgoing child. only a few times have you hid behind me, unsure of your surroundings. most of the time, you survey the place quickly and take charge. you’re a charmer. you’re just the best.

20140227-IMG_1390 20140227-IMG_1395 20140227-IMG_1397

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