year two

SN-000039060036can you believe it’s been two years, honey? this year is so different from two years ago, when we said “i do” by the jump river. the ground and trees are still brown. everything is wet and muddy. our wedding structure in the woods is falling down. your wooden wedding ring is broke. the leftover beet ravioli we still have in our freezer is covered with ice….and probably no longer edible. a couple leftover wine bottles are covered in dust (we will be drinking one in october, okay?) our son is now playing with our wooden chargers and slamming the doors of our dessert hutch (that’s been painted a new color). we have more gray hairs (and more pounds added too…). our second child is growing like a weed in my belly. our lives are so much more full. so incredibly more full than i could have imagined on that day. you and i have become a family. of four. we’ve watched each other morph into new roles, of mother and father.

so many things are the same, though, aren’t they? i still daily choose you. over any other. you’re still my best friend. the one i turn to for support and love. the one that no matter how crazy life (or these round two pregnancy hormones…) gets, you still level me. you’re my other half, my better half. i still wake up feeling so blessed to be your wife. that you chose, and continue to choose me. my daily prayer is that God gives us one more day, one more year together. He’s given us so much.

i love you, and can’t wait to see what this year brings (and cannot wait for chinese takeout and a movie with you tonight). being a family with you is just the best.

krystal mullenberg photography

krystal mullenberg photography

SN-000039110028 SN-000039110031

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