dear thatcher (15.5 months)


you, little man, are an explorer. you have such a curious little heart, and we love it. we’ve entered the point-and-name stage, and although sometimes it’s honestly a bit tiring, it’s so fun to watch the wheels work in your head. you’re growing so much.

you also like to show us everything you find. it’s so wonderful to see your excitement in giving me a piece of lint, or a stick you find. you watch for my reaction, and boy, i’ll always be excited for you. you’re learning to share, and want to feed us and make sure we (including your stuffed animal friends) are fully hydrated. you’ll make such a nurturing big brother. full of those protective instincts.

we’re all learning this toddler thing, thatcher. learning how to play outside and get dirty and eat mud and head into mud puddles without abandon. learning that sometimes minor tantrums (you=laying on the floor mad) happen when we say no and set boundaries. but it’s confusing and inconsistent for us all…especially for you. like you can go into the neighbors yard when mom and dad are talking to the neighbor, but when the neighbor is not there you can’t. or you can explore those puddles you love and put mud in your mouth (and look like you’ve eaten oreos), but not on the days you’re wearing nice clothes or we have someplace to go because we need time for a bath (and those bath times…they’re a time sucker in the most wonderful way. watching you splash is the best). or you can have sweets, but when it’s a special occasion and in moderation. it’s tough learning timing and patience and when we can and can’t do all of those things we love. you’ll have a life time of setting and resetting boundaries and priorities and being flexible and saying no. this is just the beginning, and baby, we’re exploring this together.

we absolutely love this age of yours, thatcher. wheels spinning. crazy laughter. so much love.

20140515-IMG_3609 20140515-IMG_3600 20140515-IMG_3595 20140515-IMG_3590 20140515-IMG_3588 20140515-IMG_3586

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