dear little lady (23.5 weeks)


oh baby girl, i’m so in love with you.

before getting pregnant with you, i had no idea what to expect. i didn’t know how i would feel. you see, my heart was so incredibly full of love with your brother and dad. could i feel more? would it be the same right away?

yes, little lady, my heart just added more love. love for you, and who i pray daily for many more years to watch grow. love for the ways you’re different from your brother. love for the sweetness you’ve already brought to our lives.

when i saw you on the ultrasound, my heart just exploded. knowing i was looking at my daughter? it was amazing. i could not stop smiling. i never thought i would have a daughter, you’re such a sweet surprise.

i love your sweet little movements that wake me in the morning, and the sweet little ones as your dad talks to you at night. the way you move when you hear music, and the way you kick your brother when i’m holding him makes me laugh (sibling rivalry already?!).

i’m so enjoying this time with you, watching you grow inside.


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