dear thatcher (16.5 months)


whew. you keep us running, kid. you are bounce and radiance and spunk and vinegar….with just enough sweet for us to adore you even when that naughty streak shines through.

biting. ouch. i know it’s just a phase, but boy, it needs to stop soon. you get filled with so much passion and energy and uncertainty and fear and have no idea what to do with it. i get it, biting helps right now. but even you shake your head “no-no” when you almost have us in tears. along the way, you’ll work on how to channel those emotions, something you’ll always keep learning and adjusting. i pray we teach you the right way, because it’s a struggle, knowing what to do when the frustration and fear set in.

we feel it too, thatcher. as we love you and each other fiercely. when something or someone hurts you, i’ll have to watch my reaction. when your dad and i get in an argument, we’ll have to monitor how we handle our frustrations. because you’re watching, little man, and we want to be the best examples for you.

20140604-IMG_402520140604-IMG_401120140604-IMG_4069 20140604-IMG_406520140604-IMG_4038

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