dear little lady (36 weeks)


hello, sweet girl.

i can’t even begin to describe to you how loved you already are. and in 4 (give or take) weeks, we’ll get to love on you! i cannot wait for those snuggles.

we got to see you a week ago in an ultrasound (to check out our placenta…and we’re all clear from the risk of placenta accreta!). you were just darling. chubby cheeks. sticking out your tongue. oh, it was so wonderful seeing your sweet face.


we’ve started preparing for you. car seat is washed and ready to go. your clothes are washed, folded and placed in your corner of our room. your brother is starting to understand a little more, and when i ask him where his sister is, he kisses my belly. so sweet. he’ll be so protective of you. we cannot wait for you to join us!

20140901-IMG_3699 20140901-IMG_369420140901-IMG_3762 20140901-IMG_356120140901-IMG_357120140901-IMG_3767

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