dear thatcher (19 months)

20140901-IMG_3523 20140901-IMG_3547 20140901-IMG_3548 20140901-IMG_3552 20140901-IMG_3563 20140901-IMG_3582 20140901-IMG_3614 20140901-IMG_3622 20140901-IMG_3667 20140901-IMG_3723 20140901-IMG_3744 20140901-IMG_3758

oh boy. i love this age, thatcher. so much laughter.

you’re so many things. an explorer. an entertainer. a chatterbox. you are joy.

things you recently love: books. so many books. your cars. wearing hats around the house. the lawnmower (especially when we take you on rides). giving kisses. dancing. running from room to room. pushing or pulling mama where you want her, usually to the rocking chair to read you a book.

things you like to say: hot. that’s hot. hi. hi dad. hi sister. fox (sounds like cox). rawr (dinosaur). bock (chicken).

each day is such an adventure for us. i’ve been mourning the fact that you’ll no longer be an only child, and you’ll have to share. but it will be so good for you. and all of us. you’ll be a fantastic big brother! i cannot wait to see how it makes you grow and stretch.

you are so loved, little man. so loved.

One response to “dear thatcher (19 months)

  1. these pictures are such fun, sheena! thatcher is so handsome & bursting with joy. you look wonderful, i can’t wait to see the fun & adventure your little lady will add to your sweet family.

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