a day in the life of thatcher

life with thatcher cover3i’ve wanted to do this personal project for a long time. now that thatcher’s time of being an only child is coming to a rapid close, i finally completed it. photos throughout the day, documenting what life is like at this time for thatcher, and for us. one lens. no posing.

there are so many things i do not want to forget about our days together. his excitement in the morning at seeing me. his curiosity. the hugs and kisses. the way his little toddler hands hold onto his trucks. the way he plays with my hair, and pulls me down to his level to give me a kiss and tell me something very important (now to just understand him…). the way he leads me around, and lets me know what he wants. him wanting to help his mama with the little things. reminders that the little things in life, the time we spend together, is the most important. i want to remember these days of thatcher still in his crib…still in those cloth diapers….as the littlest one.

i’ve been so blessed to be able to work from home two days a week. and although working before he wakes, during his naps, during his independent play, and sometimes after he goes to bed can be difficult, there is no where else i would rather be. i cherish the time we have together, just the two of us. and i cannot wait to watch him be a big brother.

thatcher, you are a joy. mama loves you so incredibly much.

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