dear maisie (weeks 2 & 3)

20141015-IMG_5673 20141021-IMG_5854

oh second child, i feel like i already have so much to apologize for. although you are a wonderful and easy baby, navigating the waters of having a toddler and infant can be a little rocky. some days minutes i feel like i have it together, but most of the time i’m just getting taken by the current of needs i have to fulfill. hungry infant. toddler with a owie that needs kissed. spit up here,  leaky sippy cup there. eating while feeding you and your brother and getting crumbs in your hair. and ear. feeling guilty for not playing with your brother enough, or letting him watch another video (because he’s 3 months from being 2, and don’t i have to follow the ‘no tv until 2’ or he’ll be damaged?). instead of taking photos or writing letters to you, we nap. oh glorious naps.

but i thank God for you and your brother (and dad) every day. because i cannot imagine my life without you. puke stains, boogers, messy house and all. we’re so blessed.

remember that even though there may be less documentation of you, you’re not less. i love you sweet maisie, and am going to end this letter so we can nap…

*by the way, sleeping with you is one of my absolute favorite things, i will never forget what it feels like to have your little heart beating against mine…

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