dear thatcher (21 months)


goodness boy, where do i begin? you have changed and grown so much in the last two months.

when you came to the hospital to meet your sister on the day you turned 20 months, i swore you grew 5 inches and gained 10 pounds. you just seemed so big. and so grown up. and so independent. watching you with maisie makes my heart burst. (and makes me almost have a heart attack sometimes too….you’re still learning what it means to be gentle…).

it’s been a difficult month for you. being the big brother. ‘mom’ has become a word you use most often, and my heart breaks when i can’t always respond right away. you’ve had some tough lessons (mostly around the word ‘please’, standing on the couch, and talking back). but you’re learning. and so am i, being a parent of two. i’m learning maisie can cry for awhile while i give you hugs and kisses and tend to your needs. and learning it’s a good life lesson for you to learn patience and ask you to wait.

you continue to love your books and cars. you love saying “watch”, and showing us what you can do with your toys. you are a master at all of your animals. you understand so much.

you are so loved and never forgotten, little man. you’ll always be my first baby.

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